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This page is a directory of flamenco classes in North America. If you are an instructor and would like to be added to the list please send an e-mail to . Thanks!


Al Moro Studio / Phoenix    [Updated 03/29/10]

Flamenco classes with Yumi La Rosa
The Al Moro dance studio offers Flamenco classes for both kids and adults:
Al Moro Studio
806 East Camelback Road, Phoenix AZ 85014

Yumi La Rosa (Flamenco Instructor) 602.692.1159 or
Ava Fleming (Studio Owner) 602.502.6909 or

www.almorostudio.com // http://www.facebook.com/pages/Phoenix-AZ/Al-Moro-Dance-Studio/51608674846?ref=ts

Flamenco del Pueblo Viejo with Mele and Jason Martinez / Tuscon    [Updated 09/01/07]

Flamenco del Pueblo Viejo, co-directed by Jason and Mele Martinez, offers flamenco classes and performances for the Tucson community and beyond.

For class schedules and more information see:

Flamenco Por La Vida / Phoenix    [Updated 07/26/11]

Flamenco Por La Vida offers a widespread flamenco curriculum taught by Flamenco artists Angelina Ramirez, Erica Ocegueda, Carlos Montufar and Lolita Zuniga. FPLV also extends its educational classes by holding auditions for it's preprofessional student company. Private instruction and perfromances also available.

Angelina Ramirez Director/ Founder of Flamenco Por La Vida.

For class schedule and performance booking please see:
www.flamencoporlavida.com or call 602-456-1422.

Flamenco! ...the Studio / Tempe    [Updated 02/12/12]

Flamenco! ...the Studio

Flamenco! ...the Studio is the only dance academy and cultural center in Central Arizona devoted exclusively to the Flamenco Arts. We are a 2,000 square foot facility with a huge floated dance floor and wall of mirrors conveniently located in the Valley. We provide instruction in authentic Flamenco dance and guitar, and present cultural events and theatrical programs.

We provide our students with a sound and traditionally-based vocabulary in Flamenco, enabling them to understand what they see and hear in Flamenco anywhere.

Our students gain knowledge of techniques and structures through choreographies and musical arrangements in such a way that they can soon transcend the limits of those choreographies and arrangements and create and participate in spontaneous Flamenco, all while having fun!

Our students have the option of two different paths of instruction: professional or non-professional. Even beginning students have opportunities to dance and perform with other artists, and even perform in company presentations, enabling them to experience the connection and communication of live Flamenco right from the beginning.

The Co-founders of Flamenco!...the Studio are Ricardo de Cristóbal and Linda Machado. Ricardo has over 46 years experience as a master Flamenco guitarist and Flamenco historian and Linda has over 20 years' experience as a Flamenco dancer and instructor. This husband and wife duo performs regularly throughout the state and are the only Flamenco artists in the State of Arizona approved by the Arizona Commission on the Arts to teach Flamenco in both educational and community environments.

For current teaching schedule and events, see:

2440 W. Medtronic Way, Ste. C
Tempe, AZ 85281

Follow us on Twitter @flamencophoenix

YouTube channel:

Linda Machado / Phoenix, Tempe    [Updated 05/14/11]

Photo by Xcessive

Linda Machado is a professional Flamenco & Spanish dancer who performs regularly in concert halls, theatres, museums, restaurants and night clubs throughout Arizona and the Southwest. A former member of Daniel de Córdoba Bailes Españoles dance company, Ms. Machado now performs with master Flamenco guitarist Ricardo de Cristóbal in the Flamenco dance company Un Corazón Flamenco.

Introduced to Spanish Dance by Daniel de Córdoba, Linda went on to study Flamenco with many well-known national and International Flamenco & Spanish Dance artists including Javier de la Torre, Omayra Amaya, Antonio Hidalgo, Yaelisa, Monica Bermudez, Lydia Torea and Joaquín Enciñas.

Linda gained experience as an artist-in-residence with Young Audiences of Greater Dallas, conducting numerous school programs and residencies throughout Texas, and was associated with the Northeast Tarrant County Arts Council as a Flamenco instructor. As a Roster Artist for the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Linda continues to provide Flamenco dance and cultural programs to schools, libraries and senior communities throughout Arizona.

With over 18 years experience in performing and teaching Flamenco, Linda offers students of all ages a strong foundation in Flamenco dance technique and the skills to dance authentic, improvisational Flamenco.

Linda Machado

Tempe, AZ

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Ricardo de Cristobal / Tempe    [Updated 08/30/08]

Ricardo de Cristóbal

Ricardo de Cristóbal teaches Flamenco guitar at Flamenco!...the Studio in Tempe AZ, the only studio in the greater Phoenix area devoted exclusively to the Flamenco arts. His teaching style utilizes compositions and arrangements in a calculated method to go beyond choreographies, plans, and rehearsals to make Flamenco a spontaneous, living, breathing art. Accompaniment to baile and cante is taught alongside solo guitar, and guitar students are encouraged to accompany dance classes under Ricardos supervision, as well as sitting in with visiting bailaores y cantaores. Ricardo reads music, but prefers to learn, teach, and compose by ear and eye.

Ricardo is a full-time professional Flamenco guitarist and instructor. He has been playing Flamenco guitar since 1965. His studies in flamenco guitar began in San Francisco by sitting at the juerga table in the bar at La Bodega, trying to copy any guitarist who came by. Nino Bernardo was often there, accompanying every singer, dancer, or guitarist who happened to drop in, then playing solo beautifully. Bernardo's flexibility, creativity, and "in the moment" style was inspirational.

Several years later Ricardo met Cristóbal Dos Santos, a protégé of the renowned Diego del Gastor. Diego was the creator and central figure in the style of Moron de la Frontera, an improvisational way of creating continuing variations on evolving themes. Ricardo's experiences with Cristóbal shaped his approach to all music, especially Flamenco, in improvisational directions.

Ricardo also composes original music in a fusion of Flamenco, classical and jazz styles.

You will find Ricardo performing at a variety of venues throughout the greater Phoenix area, as well as for many private functions. Ricardo also performs with dancer Linda Machado in the flamenco dance company Un Corazón Flamenco and is co-founder of Flamenco! ...the Studio. With over 43 years of experience playing Flamenco guitar and immersion into Flamenco history and culture, Ricardo is Arizona's premier Flamenco historian.

Guitar lessons are private by appointment.
Ricardo de Cristóbal
Tempe, AZ

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Yumi La Rosa / Phoenix    [Updated 03/23/10]

Yumi La Rosa offers flamenco classes and performances throughout the Phoenix area and beyond.
For more info, visit
Contact: p:602.692.1159; e:

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